throwaway throw‧a‧way [ˈθrəʊəweɪ ǁ ˈθroʊ-] adjective [only before a noun]
1. throwaway products have been produced cheaply so that you can throw them away after you have used them; = DISPOSABLE:

• a throwaway lighter

2. throwaway society disapproving used to talk about modern society in which products are not made to last a long time

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throwaway UK US /ˈθrəʊəweɪ/ adjective [before noun]
COMMERCE, MARKETING, ENVIRONMENT throwaway goods, products, etc. are designed and marketed in a way that encourages people to keep replacing them: »

Much of China's emissions come from manufacturing throwaway products for the west.


A fundamental change in consumer attitudes to the throwaway culture is the only way forward.

COMMERCE used to describe a price that is very low: »

Analysts warned that expecting to buy hi-tech products at increasingly throwaway prices would eventually cause us all problems.

See also GIVEAWAY(Cf. ↑giveaway) adjective
used to describe something that someone says without thinking carefully about whether it might be offensive to anyone: throwaway comment/remark »

He faced disciplinary action because of a throwaway comment about a colleague.

throwaway society — Cf. throwaway society

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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